Welcome to my virtual art gallery for light objects and sculptures.

I create these works of art for myself. This is my 'Yoga' to relax after work and to work creatively with my hands.
I put so much love and enthusiasm into it, because I do it for myself, not to sell my artworks for money. 

I want to inspire you to work creatively with old devices, lamps and light - Reuse, recup, upcycle them and create a new life again.


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Lamps & Lights

I create upcycling light objects using 60 to 100 years old technical devices such as electrical meters, microscopes, hair dryers etc.

Further insights and making of my upcycling artworks can be found here ...


My Sculptures are mainly made of brass, steel, copper, wood and concrete. I like the combination of organic and techical structures.

For more details and photos of my sculptures have a look here ...

#letscreate  #notdestroy

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