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I create upcycling artworks and sculptures. I transform old technical devices and found objects into lighting pieces of art.

My art is not for sale - I create these works of art for myself. This is my 'Yoga' to relax after work and to use my creative, artisan and craft skills. 

On this website you will find details about my upcycling objects (Upcycling works 1 and 2), my sculptures and a picture galleryBlog articles I publish every now and then on various background topics of my work.

I want to inspire other people to be creative - reuse, recup, upcycle old things and create a new life again.


New photos and stories of my upcycling artworks are published every friday on my Instagram profile: Instagram


Jürgen Klöck

Retrospective 2023


I'm looking back on a very busy year 2023. I didn't have much time for my upcycling art in my free time, but I'm very happy with the 7 works of art I created in 2023 (from top left to bottom right):

  • Philips Tube Radio 470 HU from the 1930s with an antique gramophone horn
  • Plasma sphere on wooden case of a 1920s amperemeter
  • Lava lamp from the 1970s on an old measuring device
  • Golden KTAS D08 desk phone from Denmark built in the 1950s/60s
  • My Enterprise fan, a Tischfächer TF251 built by Siemens in 1954
  • Weston Voltmeter from 1900 in original leather covered wooden case
  • OB53 trackside telephone of GDR Bundesbahn (1960s) with high voltage plasma disk

One highlight was the Maker Faire Hannover in August of course, where I was able to show 26 of my light objects to over 14,000 visitors.
I would especially like to thank my Website visitors and the Instagram family:
For your inspiration, for the likes and above all for your comments and feedback.


My art gives me three kinds of happiness:

  1. working creatively in the flow
  2. the satisfaction when the project is finished (and I'm happy with it)
  3. the admiration of the audience (Family, Instagram, Maker Faires, Art exhibitions)

What could be better?

Object & Upcycling ART

I create upcycling artworks and light objects using 60 to 120 years old technical devices such as electrical meters, microscopes, hair dryers etc.

Further insights on my object art and upcycling artworks can be found here ...


My sculptures are mainly made of brass, steel, copper, wood and concrete. I like the combination of organic and techical structures.

For more details and photos of my sculptures have a look here ...

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