Make Munich 2019 - Photo of my exhibition stand - Jürgen Klöck
Munich Maker Festival - Make Munich 2019

I have presented my upcycling lamps and light objects for the first time in public at the maker festival Make Munich 2019. Since I don‘t sell my works, I haven‘t shown them in public yet - but I want to inspire young & old to create new things and to reuse old stuff. It‘s a great festival and I‘m looking forward to day 2.


On the second day there was even more going on at the Make Munich. Young and old were at my stand and I had many conversations the whole day. The top 3 were my upcycling meter with the plasma ball, the rare beehive glow lamps and the upcycling amperemeter with Nixie tube.

Make Munich 2019 had a total of more than 10.000 visitors, 120 exhibition stands, 52 workshops and 40 talks.


My talk took place on sunday 4:45 pm and is available now in german language on YouTube:  Upcycling Lampen und Lichtobjekte aus historischer Technik.


In my lecture I talk about my personal development, my motivation and I  give insights into the agile development process of upcycling lamps and light objects.

Jürgen Klöck has a talk at Make Munich 2019 about Upcycling lamps and lights made of historic technical devices.
Make Munich 2019 - Presentation by Jürgen Klöck

Lamps & Lights

I create upcycling lamps & light objects using 50 to 100 years old technical devices such as electrical meters, microscopes, hair dryers etc.

Further insights and a full list of my upcycling lamps can be found here ...

or visit my online gallery ...


My Sculptures are mainly made of brass, steel, copper, wood and concrete. I like the combination of organic and techical structures.

For more details on my sculptures have a look here ...

or visit my online gallery ...

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