Jürgen Klöck

Creo, ergo sum   -   I create, therefore I am   -   Ich erschaffe, also bin ich

Hi, I'm Jürgen, the creator of this artworks, lamps & lights, sculptures and this site.

How it all began - the 70's

In the 1970s i discovered the workshop in the cellar of my parents. My grandfather and my father had a lot of material and tools.

So I started to make some experiments with wood, stone and metal. I had a lot of freedom and trust of my parents.

In the late 1970s I started to play with experimental construction kits: Fischertechnik, a technical construction kit and KOSMOS radio & electronics kit. My kits and components grew with every birthday and every christmas.

I discovered electronics, learned how to use an electric soldering iron and built my first electronic circuits: a siren, blinking lights, an amplifier and more complicated circuits later.

At the age of 14 I bought my first computer, a Commodore VIC20 (VC20), soon replaced by the famous C64 (64er) and at the age of 19 an Amiga 1000.

Beginning at the age of 13 I felt the need to design my enviroment, at first the interior of my room. I learned to work with a circular saw, use an electric welding machine, to melt glass and to work with plaster and concrete - trial and error. The admiration of my familiy and friends drove me on and my room looked like a museum.

First artworks in the mid 80's

At the high school I attended advanced math & physics lessons as well as art courses. Diversity of skills was much more important than perfection to me.

At the age of 19 I took part in an art exposition in my small home town. The picture shows my sculptures Omega, Kappa and Aero at the MODEON exposition.

My modern sculpturing was extraordinary for our small town so that a picture of my objects appeared in the newspaper.


University - late 80s till mid 90s

I decided on artworks and design as a hobby and the study of computer science as profession.

During my studies at TUM, University in Munich I had to study a lot, work for my living and therefore less time for artwork.

However some lectures in lineare algebra and microprocessor technology gave me a lot of ideas and inspirations for new artworks.

In this period of time I made amongst others the sculptures: Monomorphe Struktur, Isomorphe Struktur and Phoenix

Practical needs in the mid 90s

With a Master's degree in computer science it was very easy to get a good job as an IT professional. In my artwork I focussed on practical needs for my little family: Furniture, lamps and interior decoration. Especially rope systems for halogen spots individually designed for almost every room.

Upcycling lamps  since 2017

In Feb 2017 I did my first upcycling project to build a lamp based on an antique Wattmeter I got on ebay.

From then on i regularly checked flea markets, antiques dealer and ebay for suitable old equipment: Antique electric instruments, telephones, photo cameras, film cameras, calculating machines, hair dryers, microscopes, heat lamps and artificial sunlamps.

And further material: Edison bulbs, neon glow lamps, LED spots, electron tubes, dimmer, bakelite sockets, switches, textile power cords and so on ...


Currently I do not sell my works. I am happy to give them to familiy and friends as presents.

Homepage and Instagram 2017

In 2017, the year of my 50th birthday, I made myself a special gift: I started this website and my Instagram profile. Here I have found many artists, creative people, maker and tinker from all over the world. There are so many creative people with great ideas and works.

Maker Faires in 2019

I have presented my upcycling artworks and light objects for the first time in public at the maker festival Make Munich 2019. Since I don‘t sell my works, I haven‘t shown them in public yet - but I want to inspire young & old to create new things and to reuse old stuff. 

Make Munich 2019 had a total of more than 10.000 visitors, 120 exhibition stands, 52 workshops and 40 talks. In my Blog article I wrote about these two very interesting days at this maker festival.


August 17th - 18th I participated in the Maker Faire Hannover 2019.  With 21.000 visitors this is the biggest Maker Faire in Germany. I presented 22 of my upcycling light objects in the Dark Gallery. 

My workshop, tools and skills

In the basement of our house i have a small workshop (about 8 sqm) and this tools:

  • stationary drilling machine
  • drilling machine
  • Dremel drilling machine
  • cordless screwdriver
  • belt grinder
  • orbital sander
  • circular saw
  • jigsaw
  • electric soldering iron
  • gas soldering iron
  • hot glue gun
  • and many other standard tools

My craftsmanship skills are:

  • woodworking
  • metalworking
  • working with plastics
  • working with glass
  • concrete and plaster casting
  • sculptural working with stone
  • electrical AC installation
  • electronics and simple circuit technology
  • artistic handling of forms, structures, colors and light
  • drawing and painting
  • photography
  • image processing
  • design and layout

 None of it in perfection but versatility and creativity mostly win.



Jürgen and Fischertechnik construction kit - 1977
Jürgen and Fischertechnik construction kit - 1977
This is Jürgen Klöck aka JayKay67Design
Jürgen Klöck
Three sculptures in the 1986' art exposition at MODEON, Marktoberdorf
My sculptures at 1986 Modeon art exposition
2018 Instagram account
2018 Instagram account
2019 Make Munich
2019 Make Munich


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I hope you enjoy your visit on my site.

Get inspired for your own works.


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