The fascination of light

And God said, Let there be light.

And there was light.

And although light is an integral part of our lives, until well into modern times it was largely unclear what light actually is.

Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Christiaan Huygens, Michael Faraday and James Maxwell - almost every scientist tried to understand light. First with the works of Max Planck and Albert Einstein scientists were able to build the fundament of quantum physics at the beginning of the 20th century and later to quantum electrodynamics, which to this day represents our understanding of the nature of light.


But light is much more than quantum electrodynamics.


Light has an enormous influence on people's physical and psychological well-being.

Bright, rather cool light provides a fresh kick in the morning and increases the ability to concentrate. Warm, reddish light provides cosiness, well-being and relaxation in the evening.

80 percent of all sensory impressions are absorbed by the human eye. Light plays a major role and it is light that makes colours visible in the first place.


In my light objects and lamps I play with light and light colours, with small and large, direct and indirect light sources. And I use lamps with dfferent physical methods of light generation:

  1. Edison filament bulbs with a wire heated to a temperature to glow with visible light.
  2. Neon glow bulbs with a gas discharge at the electrodes.
  3. LED with a semiconductor light emission.

It's really something special to create light. Others have already noticed that (see first lines above).


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    HK (Friday, 28 December 2018 08:32)

    interesting thoughts. you mentioned 3 light sources: incandescence, luminescence and gas discharge.
    additional there are 3 more methodes of light generation: combustion, electric arc and high-intensity discharge. that would be a challenge for you to implement all 6 methods in one lamp. good luck!

  • #2

    unknown (Monday, 27 May 2019 23:41)

    I have experimented a lot with LED filament lamps, but the light effects you create with dimmed Edison incandescent bulbs are simply unique.
    Have you ever worked with old carbon fiber bulbs? I've collected a few, but I don't want them to burn any longer - they're too valuable to me.

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