Upcycling and vintage = slowing down an accelerating life?

Why do I love upcycling and vintage stuff? And on the other hand use all new devices and digital media?


Both worlds stimulate me:

  • Digital world means freedom and simpliciy to organize, to communicate, to collaborate, to create and to present. Worldwide, almost free and without barriers. 
  • Vintage stuff reminds me of the simple and stable life of childhood, of my grandparents, of rusty nails, smell of iron and a lot of satisfaction by handwork. This applies not only to upcycling but any form of craftsmanship and artwork.

So there is the longing for newness & changes as well as simplicity & stability. Environment and job are accelerating - DIY and crafts are slowing down.


The combination of both worlds is visible in my works presented in my Instagram profile and this website.

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