Brass - favourite metal for my sculptures

For most of my scultures I use brass. Brass in the form of plates, sheet metal, tubes, rods and wires. I'd like to share some thoughts about brass.


At first, brass is a metal alloy made of copper and zinc. The first appearance of brass artefacts in China date back in the 5th Millennium BC. In the later millenials and centuries brass has been processed and used all over the world.

Today brass is really often used, too. For musical instruments, fittings, plumbing, coins and of course also for many sculptures and steampunk objects.


Why do I use brass for my scultures?

  • very easy to process (sawing, cutting, drilling)
  • easy soldering with a soldering iron
  • availability in DIY and construction markets
  • inexpensive
  • bright gold-like look of polished brass
  • nice corrosion
  • vintage and steampunk appearance

Therefore perfect for my sculptures.

Brass sculpture Monomorphe Struktur, 1989, Jürgen Klöck
Brass sculpture 'Monomorphe Struktur'

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    Mark (Friday, 28 December 2018 00:16)

    how did you made this organic structures in your sculpture Monomorphe Struktur, this has an awesome look.
    Regards, Mark

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