Which light bulbs do I use?

For my upcycling lamps and light objects I use three types of light bulbs:


  1. Incandescent light bulbs / Edison filament bulbs: They produce a very warm light with a color temperature of around 2000 - 2500 Kelvin (K) which is in a dimmed state (2000 K) close to a candlelight.  These bulbs usually consume 40 W and I usually dim them down to 10-20 W. The light mood is unique and currently still better than LED Edison bulbs. Two incandescent bulbs are on the left side of the picture. These bulbs are just examples of a wide varity of Edison bulbs I use as main illumination in my lamps and light objects.
  2. LED lamps: I use them for illumination of wooden housings from the inside, backlight for gauges and illumination of electron tubes. They are small, have a little power consumption of 3 - 5 Watt and produce medium heat. To get the required effect I use color foil in blue, red, green and violet. To avoid additional transformers I use 220V AC LED lamps only. The two small lamps in the middle are 220 V LED spots.
  3. Glow bulbs: I use neon glow bulbs in different sizes. Micro glow bulbs have a size of 2x5 mm, small bulbs are 8x20 mm, medium glow bulbs are 20x50 mm.  I use them for illumination of gauges, as control lamps or for special effects. They produce a weak orange glow, but hardly get warm and require only a few milliwatts of power. The biggest glow bulbs are the so called Bienenkorblampen (bee hive glow bulbs), they have an E27 socket and they look really cool. You can't use them as a real light source, they produce an orange/violet-blue glow, very impressive. On the far right is an old Bienenkorb glow bulb, next to it are three small glow bulbs.
The picture shows 3 types of light bulbs: Edison incandescent bulbs, LED spot bulbs and neon glow bulbs
In my light objects I use Edison incandescent bulbs, LED spot bulbs and neon glow bulbs

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    John (Monday, 27 May 2019 20:36)

    Hi Juergen,
    I've never seen the glow bulb on the far right side. Where do you get these from?
    Please write a PM to johnbk7 <at> gmail.com

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    unknown (Monday, 27 May 2019 23:36)

    Do you dim incandescent bulbs as well as glow bulbs in your lamps? In my experience, glow lamps cannot be dimmed or can only be dimmed poorly. Or do you use two separate circuits?
    Congratulations to you - I've never seen such creative and perfectly combined works �

  • #3

    Daniel (Saturday, 22 February 2020 11:21)

    Hello Jürgen,

    I think your work is amazing. What color foil are you using and how can it be applied so smooth?

  • #4

    Jürgen (Sunday, 23 February 2020 08:11)

    Hi Daniel,
    i use color foils from Eurolite, which are normally used as filter foils for photo headlights. I wrap them around the bulb (mostly small LED spots) and fix it with transparent tape.
    I have already discovered these foils as self-adhesive filter foils, which is also very practical.
    The heat is not critical for the foils, because the LEDs do not get so hot and the Edison bulbs are only used dimmed.
    For a case where I use a very strong LED COB panel that gets really hot, I used a glass filter attachment that is usually screwed onto a lens.

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