My 2019 review

2019 was a very special year for me.

I presented my upcycling works for the first time to the public at two Maker Faires:

  • Make Munich in March 2019
  • Maker Faire Hannover in August 2019

Both events have been a very intense and positive experience.


In 2019 I created 13 new upcycling works which gave me great satisfaction and fulfilment. I started to work with Nixie tubes. The IN-18 Nixies are so awesome!


I used antique devices e.g. old electrical measuring devices, typewriters. cameras, fans, tube radios and medical lamps.  




In 2019 I created 13 upcycling objects:

  • 1950s Hanau Sollux red light medical lamp
  • 1930s Siemens & Halske insulation meter with a plasma globe
  • 1920s Antique folding field camera with a Compur shutter
  • 1957 Military Geiger counter with an old heating reflector
  • 1960s Phywe demonstration wattmeter with russian 6C33C electron tube
  • 1944 WW2 Feldmesskästchen 18 with a VFD clock
  • 1930s Copper telephone KTAS D30
  • 1930s Bell Wheatstone bridge measuring device with a WW2 Telefunken RS 282 electron tube
  • 1920s Gans & Goldschmidt Ohmmeter with glass and porcellain insulators
  • 1960s Maybaum Climetta 719 fan 
  • 1934 Mercedes Prima Mod. 34 typewriter with electron tubes and a Bankers lamp
  • 1930s Amperemeter with a four-digit  IN-18 Nixie Clock and an enamel lampshade
  • 1957 Philips Philetta 273 U tube radio with Bluetooth amplifier 

I have made 45 Instagram posts in 2019 and received about 16,000 Likes. In average 350 to 400 likes per post and 30 to 40 comments. 

My followers grew up from 1,500 to 2,250.


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