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On the Swedish design blog "Go Green Design" there is a great article by Lotta Odelius about my Upcycling artwork.


Lotta discovered my Upcycling artwork on Instagram and decided to interview me and publish an article about me and my work on her design blog.


She sent me a catalog of questions and created a long article with many pictures and quotations from my answers. Some words like "Bienenkorbglühlampe" or "Triode" were difficult to translate into Swedish.


Answering the questions is also very exciting, because you have to think more about the why and how and put it into words in writing.


The title is "Jürgen Klöck sprider ljus och ett nostagiskt skimmer" - which translates to "Jürgen Klöck spreads light and a nostalgic shimmer".


From my point of view the article has become fantastic and my big thanks go to Lotta Odelius.


Click here for the blog "Go Green Design

And this is the link to the blog article  

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