2020 in a retrospective

The year 2020 was a special year. What did it mean for me?


I had registered for the Maker Faire 2020 in Berlin and was really looking forward to showing my artwork at the second largest Maker Faire in Germany. 


Unfortunately, the Maker Faire Berlin in spring was cancelled, as was the one in Hanover in autumn 2020, which I wanted to attend as an alternative.

That was a pity, but I had to accept it.


Since artistic upcycling is just a hobby for me and I don't have to make a living from it, this naturally doesn't hit me as hard as others who are often at markets and events to sell their products or works of art.


Since March, I have worked mostly remotely from home and saved myself 1.5h of travel time every day. So I should have had more time for my art, right?

Unfortunately, that was not the case. There was a lot going on in our bank; in addition to several large projects, I was also responsible for the Corona crisis management. So there was no extra free time this year. 


Nevertheless, I managed to create 11 new works of art:

  • 1900 Weston voltmeter with a very special Westinghouse electron tube
  • 1930s Continental 8 desk adding machine with scissor lamp
  • 1950s EAW voltmeter with iron tubes and an enamel lampshade
  • 1950s Thermosol artificial sunlamp with hot bottle, stroller wheels and a Mercedes star
  • 1960s Eisemann handlamp with several procellain insulators
  • IN-4 Nixieclock in a wooden Kiesewetter device
  • 1919 Red Siemens & Halske ZB/SA 19 telephone with Märklin wheels
  • Siemens Rapid vacuum cleaner
  • 1950s Rodos heater fan illuminted with RGB LEDs
  • 1940s Unisol artificial sunlamp with antique Hudora roller skates
  • 1950s Piccolo film projector with antique Hudora roller skates

Overall, it was a productive and creative year 2020.


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