Maker Faire Hannover - Digital Edition 2/2

On June 18, I was a participant and exhibitor at the Maker Faire Hannover. Due to Covid-19, the event was completely virtual.

Each exhibitor has set up a virtual booth, with texts, videos, photos and could be addressed by visitors via video chat. 


For my booth I created an intro video and 10 videos about my upcycling projects:

  • Historical measuring devices and gauges
  • Nixie tubes
  • Antique fan heaters
  • Old tube radios and telephones
  • Electron tubes
  • Technical and scientific devices
  • Mechanical typewriters and calculators
  • Old altitude suns and medical devices
  • Antique cameras and film cameras
  • Ceramic and glass insulators


In total, there were 90 exhibitors ranging from 3D printing to robotics, Raspi/Arduino, wearables, environmental protection, upcycling and many more Maker projects.


About 2,500 people visited the Maker Faire, I myself had about 400 visitors and 10 video chats that day.

However, we are all looking forward to a physical Maker Faire where you can experience projects, robots, materials and especially the people live again. Digital is only a weak substitute for real experience.

A big thanks to the whole Maker Faire team who did a great job with the digital Maker Faire. We are looking forward to classic Maker Faires again in 2022 in Hannover, Berlin and other places.

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