Upcycling Lamps & Lights - Part 2

Upcycling DIY lamp steampunk lightart Grundig Concert Boy 204 by Jürgen Klöck
Grundig Concert Boy 204 upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Grundig Concert Boy 204 upcycling lamp



This is a 1964 Grundig Concert Boy 204 - an early transistor radio with 13 germanium transistors. More details on this Concert Boy are available at the great website Radiomuseum.org.


In 1930 Max Grundig founded the Company RVF Radio-Vertrieb Fürth, Grundig & Wurzer. In the best year 1979, up to 20,000 people work in the company and the turnover is 3 Billion DM. In the 90s Grundig is taken over from Philips.


The original price at that time was 420 DM, which today corresponds to 900 EUR / 1050 USD after adjustment for inflation. An impressive price.


I did several mods: interior illumination with LEDs and glow lamps, a porcelain socket for the edison tube bulb and a dimmer.


Now I hear the sound of silence.

Upcycling DIY lamp steampunk lightart ICA Volta 125 plate camera by Jürgen Klöck
ICA Volta 125 plate camera upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

ICA Volta 125 upcycling plate camera lamp



This vintage plate camera ICA Volta 125 has been built between 1914 and 1926 in Dresden / Germany. ICA stands for Internationale Camera Actiengesellschaft.


The frame format is 9 x 12 cm and mechanical shutter speed ranges from 1/100 to 1/25.


I upcycled this beauty with an Edison tube bulb and a red LED inside the leather bellows.


This camera lamp was a special birthday gift for my brother Roland.

Upcycling DIY lamp steampunk lightart Rohde Schwarz Calex LED ceramic insulator by Jürgen Klöck
High Energy upcycling floor lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Rohde & Schwarz upcycling floor lamp



This is a really huge upcycling project.


On top is a 44cm / 17 inch sized giant Calex LED.

Springs of a car are mounted on both sides with a metal sphere on top.


The vintage device is a frequency meter by Rohde & Schwarz built 1950 in Munich: A Resonanz-Frequenzmesser WAM BN 4312, high precision instrument to measure frequencies in the range of 30 to 500 MHz.

I have replaced the rotating switch inside with a dimmer module for the Filament LED bulb.


The base is a heavy 150 kV ceramic insulator.


Overall height is 125cm / 4.1 ft.

Upcycling DIY lamp steampunk lightart Loft Chandelier with bicycle rims by Jürgen Klöck
Chandelier with bicycle rims and LED spots - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Chandelier with bicycle rims



I built this ceiling lamp for my partner's new practice rooms. The aim was to provide glare-free, bright lighting and also an eye-catcher.


The alloy rims are 16“ and 26“ and hold 8 LED spots.

I've recycled two cheap ceiling lamps to to obtain the adjustable GU10 lamp sockets.


For the character of a ceiling chandelier, I have fed the red textile power cords in curved arches.


The LED spots have a special dim-to-warm feature to produce a very warm light when they are dimmed.

Upcycling DIY lamp steampunk lightart antique Progress W2 fan by Jürgen Klöck
Progress fan upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Progress W2 fan upcycling lamp



In the 1950s this Progress W2 fan has been built in Stuttgart. It has a very quiet synchronous motor which still runs like on day one.

On each side of the motor housing I have mounted two old bakelite lamp sockets with nice 220mm Edison tube bulbs. The cable dimmer is able to dim the bulbs and control the speed of the fan. I didn‘t plan this but it works great.

Upcycling DIY lamp steampunk lightart antique bakelite Avometer by Jürgen Klöck
Avometer upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Universal Avometer upcycling lamp



This is a Universal Avometer mod. 8 MK III, a vintage electrical measuring instrument built in London in the 1950s. The first Avometer was made by the Automatic Coil Winder and Electrical Equipment Co. in 1923, and measured direct current 'A', direct voltage 'V' and resistance 'O'. The multimeter is often called simply an AVO, because the company logo carries the first letters of 'amps', 'volts' and 'ohms'.


The original price was £23, today about £500 / €580 / $650.


At first I had to clean up the device and removed all internal electrical and mechanical components.


My upcycling process included installation of a dimmer, two red indicator lamps, illumination of the instrument scale with glow lamps and an Edison bulb with a handmade cage of steel discs on top of the device.


YouTube Video

Upcycling DIY lamp steampunk lightart WIGO Taifun hair dryer porcellain insulator by Jürgen Klöck
Hair dryer high power insulator upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Hair dryer insulator upcycling lamp



I've made this lamp with these 6 components:

1) WIGO Taifun hair dryer of the 1950s
2) Edison bulb
3) High power ceramic insulator for 110.000 volts
4) Haltron electron tube
5) Red textile power cord
6) Laboratory stand


It was not that simple to mount the hair dryer on the ceramic insulator. I had to drill two holes into the cast iron top of the insulator. Then I used a special adhesive to fix two threaded rods for mounting the hair dryer and the Haltron electron tube.

Upcycling DIY lamp steampunk lightart antique Amperemeter Siemens Halske by Jürgen Klöck
Siemens & Halske Amperemeter upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Siemens & Halske Amperemeter upcycling lamp



This is a really beautiful vintage Amperemeter built in the 1920s by Siemens & Halske. In 1847, Lieutenant Werner Siemens, engineer in the artillery workshop in Berlin and head of the Prussian telegraph commission, founded the Telegraphenbau-Anstalt of Siemens & Halske in Berlin, together with the precision mechanic, Johann Georg Halske.


This instrument was used to measure electrical currents of 10, 50 and up to 200 Ampere! Maybe for power transmissions and electrical tramways and railways. In the device were finger-thick copper conductors to keep up with this high currents.


I upcycled it with two bakelite E27 sockets and nice edison bulbs. I installed a red LED bulb inside to illuminate the scale of the instrument and a small green glow lamp to illuminated the electron tube on the top. On the right side I installed a dimmer and used one of the massive clamps as a rotary knop.

Upcycling DIY lamp steampunk lightart Wohlmuth Zentrale antique electrotherapy by Jürgen Klöck
Wohlmuth electrotherapy upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Wohlmuth electrotherapy device upcycling lamp



Two 300mm, 12inch Edison tube bulbs in old brass sockets are the right upcycling illumination for this 1950s electrotherapy device. It has been built by Wohlmuth-Zentrale close to Lindau at lake Constance.


Electrotherapy with fine currents was popular in the 50s and 60s. Today we would call it TENS, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Sounds great - but the special light of my object is even better.


YouTube Video


Upcycling DIY lamp steampunk lightart Eumig C3M film camera by Jürgen Klöck
Eumig C3M film camera upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Eumig C3M camera upcycling lamp



This is an Eumig C3 M 8mm film camera. Built 1959 in Vienna / Austria. Price was at that time 675 DM for this mechanical masterpiece.

I upcycled the camera with a glow lamp inside and an Edison filament bulb.


This neon bulb has two electrodes in a double helix in small distance. The bulb is filled with neon gas and mercury vapour. Neon is responsible for the orange light and mercury for the purple blue light in the plasma.
These 3W bulbs have been built by Osram, Munich from 1930 to 1980 and had a price of 2-3 DM. Current price at ebay 30-50 Euro!

Upcycling DIY lamp steampunk lightart Meopta Admira mechanical film camera by Jürgen Klöck
Meopta Admira 8IIa upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Meopta Admira 8IIa camera upcycling lamp



The Meopta Admira 8IIa is a mechanical 8mm film camera built 1954 in the former Czech Republic. Meopta was founded 1933 in Prerov.


The film camera can take up to 10m of 8mm film. Inside is a manual spring drive to operate shutter and transport of the film.

The camera was able to do single shots as well as 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 pictures per second. 24 pictures/sec is the normal speed.

In the front are two lenses mounted on a sviveling objective revolver. The weight is 1337g.

I replaced one of the lenses for a E27 socket. The 125mm big globe Edison bulb is really impressive for this upcycling lamp. 

Furthermore I installed two glow lamps into the viewfinder shaft - you can see the red light in the picture.

Upcycling DIY Edison lamp steampunk Original Hanau artificial sunlamp by Jürgen Klöck
Original Hanau artificial sun upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Original Hanau artificial sun upcycling lamp



I saw this artificial sunlamp at an antique dealer and I just had to have it.

It's a PL12 Original Hanau Quarzlampe produced by Heraeus, a 1851 founded german technology company in the late 1940s / early 1950s.


Its purchase price in the late 1940s was about 220 Reichsmark which is comparable to 660 Euro / 700 USD today.


I removed the UV high pressure lamp which has been used to cure skin diseases or sterilize wounds. It still would have been working after 70 years!


I’ve added a globe Edison incandescent bulb, an old E27 bakelite socket, LED interior lightning, a dimmer switch and textile power cords.

 The paint was very old and crumbly but I wanted the vintage look
to remain, so I preserved it with a layer of clear varnish.


The watch on the front is a mechanical timer that can be set up to 10 minutes and then strikes a bell.


YouTube Video

Original Hanau advertising from the late 1940s Höhensonne sunlamp
Original Hanau advertising from the late 1940s

Original Hanau is the inventor of the UV high-pressure lamp and thus the founder of the tanning with artificial light sources.

In 1904, the original Hanau laboratories (in Hanau near Frankfurt) developed the first quartz lamp with evaporated quicksilver / mercury whose UV light output had almost original sun quality.

By the 1950s the artificial sunlamps or tanning lamps had become a popular consumer electronics item among hair dryers, irons and tube radios.

Upcycling DIY Edison lamp steampunk chief telephone by Jürgen Klöck
Upcycling telephone lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Upcycled chief telephone lamp



This chief telephone has been produced in September 1957, I'm not really sure but it seems to be a Siemens & Halske W48 model.


I added 5 small glow lamps inside the telephone to illuminate the coloured lights. One bigger E14 glowlamp is on the microphone side of the handset an an E27 edison bulb on the speaker side.


A gooseneck connects handset and telephone and allows the 'floating effect' of the handset.


The phone dial is now connected with a AC switch and dimmer .


You can no longer make calls - but with todays smartphones this is also not important, too.



Upcycling DIY Edison lamp steampunk Voigländer Brillant cameralamp by Jürgen Klöck
Voigtländer Brillant upcycling camera lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Voigtländer Brillant upcyclng camera lamp



This Voigtländer Brillant box camera has been produced back in 1932 in Braunschweig/Germany. My upcycling was 85 years later.


Voigtländer has been founded 1756 in Vienna and was a pioneer in optics and photographic industry.  In the 1840 Voigtländer produced revolutionary photographic objectives with mathematically calculated precision lenses. Further inventions have been the first zoom lens in 1960 and the first integrated flash in 1965. The Voigtländer factory closed in 1971 due to falling sales.


Some details to reanimate this vintage camera:

I have removed the inner workings which was not that simple because the housing is partly made of a metal casting. Then I insalled a lamp socket, two glow lamps and some cabling.


The E14 Edison bulb fits very good to this ancient piece of technology.

Upcycling DIY Edison lamp steampunk US Army Voltohmmeter by Jürgen Klöck
Voltohmmeter upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

May 2017 - Voltohmmeter upcycling lamp


This is a Voltohmmeter built in 1955 for the US Army, 22nd Signal Brigade of the Signal Corps.


The device was used in the Korean war. Manufacturer was Simpson Electric Co. Chicago, IL. When setting up the communication infrastructure at the base, medical section or infantry in the field, a variety of devices and cabling must be set up and tested by the soldiers of the Signal Corps.


I upcycled this cool device with glow lamps, an american radio tube and a nice Edison T30-300 bulb. The bulb is protected with a compression spring. I removed lots of cabling, resistors, rectifiers and potentiometers and replaced the big rotary stepping switch with an AC rotary switch for the lamps.


A very special birthday gilft for my daughter's twentieth birthday.

Upcycling DIY Edison lamp steampunk Rohde Schwarz Voltmeter by Jürgen Klöck
Voltmeter upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Rohde & Schwarz Voltmeter upcycling lamp



This is a vintage 1949 Rohde & Schwarz UKW-Tastvoltmeter manufactured in Munich / Germany.


A Tastvoltmeter is used to measure electric voltages at high frequencies, 30 to 300 MHz (UKW). In order for this a special sensor (probe / Tastkopf) with an electron tube is connected.


First I removed all old components out of this device: a bunch of resistors, capacitors and cable clutter. Then I integrated 3 miniatur glow lamps, AC switch and a bakelite lamp holder for a nice Edison bulb.

Upcycling DIY Edison lamp steampunk antique brass microscope microscopelamp by Jürgen Klöck
Antique microscope upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Microscope upcycling lamp



I upcycled this old microscope from the 1920s, an almost 100 year old instrument with massive brass parts.


At first I replaced the front lenses and made a hole for the small glow lamp. In the brass tube I installed an AC switch.

This was really a hassle and complicated because of the lack of space inside the brass tube for cables and switch.


On top is a vintage lamp socket for the edison bulb. This beautiful socket is made of brass and procelain.

Upcycling DIY Edison lamp steampunk antique Wattmeter by Jürgen Klöck
Antique wattmeter upcycling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2017

Wattmeter upcycling lamp



This is a really old instrument. Manufacturer of the Wattmeter is Gebrüder Bässler, Fabrik elektrischer Meßinstrumente in Dresden / formerly GDR, German Democratic Republic. Similar devices are manufactured in the years 1920 to 1930.


I integrated a red LED lamp for illuminating the watt meter from the inside. On both sides I installed two bakelite lamp sockets.

On top I replaced the old potentiometer with an AC dimmer and added two AC switches. The red textile cable fits to this vintage instrument perfectly.

Industrial loft upcycling DIY lamp with bicycle rim and LED strip by Jürgen Klöck
Bicycle rim lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2016

Bicycle rim lamp



Illumination of our upper hallway.


I wrapped the LED stripe (5m length) twice around the inner side and once outside the bicycle rim. The AC transformer is hidden in a Ikea cutlery stand (ORDNING).

Industrial loft upcycling DIY lamp with aluminium profile and LED strip by Jürgen Klöck
LED strip ceiling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2015

RGB ceiling lamp



Ceiling lamp with a RGB LED strip (5m / 16.4 ft).


The strip is wrapped around two aluminium flat profiles. The AC transformer is hidden in two Sauerkraut cans. A remote allows changing the color of the LED strip.


Size of the lamp is approx. 1m x 25cm.

Industrial loft upcycling DIY lamp with aluminium profile and LED strip by Jürgen Klöck
LED strip ceiling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2015

LED ceiling lamp



Ceiling lamp with a LED strip (5m / 16.4 ft).


The strip is wrapped around two aluminium flat profiles. The AC transformer is hidden in two IKEA steel tealight holders.


Size of the lamp is approx. 1,20m x 18cm.

Industrial loft upcycling DIY lamp with aluminium profiles by Jürgen Klöck
Large ceiling lamp - Jürgen Klöck - 2008

Ceiling lamp



Large lamp above our dining table. About 2m long, aluminium profiles and steel threaded rod.

Industrial loft DIY lamp lightart with aluminium tubes and antique glass by Jürgen Klöck
Floor lamp antique glass - Jürgen Klöck - 2001

Floor lamp with antique glass



I had some leftover scraps of beautiful red, green and blue colored antique glass of a former lamp project. Using a standard glass cutter I cut the stripes free-handed and by guess.


Using adhesive copper stripe and soldering tin I have attached the glass stripes on the end of steel bars - really sophisticated.


The stand consists of 6 aluminium tubes holding the halogen spotlights. Total height is 2,40m ~ 8ft.


The light effects are fantastic, aren't they?

Industrial loft DIY lamp for rope system with LED spot and green glass by Jürgen Klöck
LED spot for rope system - Jürgen Klöck - 1994

Green glass lamp for rope system



This lamp is made out of two green glass cones and a large glass drop. The currect supply (12 Volts AC) is supplied with steel bars to a LED COB spot.

Lightart DIY tablelamp with glass rods by Jürgen Klöck
Lightning glass object Lambda - Jürgen Klöck - 1988

Light object Lambda



This light object  'Lambda' has 5x5 = 25 glass rods illuminated from bulb in the deep blue aluminium housing.


The glass rods are individually bent in 90 degrees angles and are plugged in suitable holes. The submerged part of the glass rods collects the light.


The object is 0,5m / 1.6ft high.

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