2020 in a retrospective
03 January 2021
The year 2020 was a special year. What did it mean for me?
Not for sale?
23 December 2020
I am often asked why I don't sell my artworks. Here are the answers.

14 November 2020
On the Swedish design blog "Go Green Design" there is a great article by Lotta Odelius about my Upcycling artwork.
14 November 2020
I started my new YouTube Channel where I present my upcycled artworks and light objects.

23 February 2020
This year I will participate in the Maker Faire in Berlin for the first time.
25 December 2019
2019 was a very special year for me.

12 August 2019
Preperations for my participation on the 2019 Maker Faire Hannover, the largest Maker Faire in Europe.
30 May 2019
In this article I write about my mission and vision on my works of upcycling historical devices into unique lamps and light objects.

26 May 2019
For my light objects i use three different types of lamps: Incandescent bulbs, LEDs and neon glow bulbs.
07 March 2019
On 2./3. march I attended Make Munich 2019. Make Munich is Southern Germany’s largest maker and Do It Yourself festival. I was the first presentation of my works in pubic.

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